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‘Person Of Interest’ Season 5 Episode 10 Spoilers: Finch Hunted Down In 100th Episode – Report

‘Person Of Interest’ Season 5 Episode 10 Spoilers: Finch Hunted Down In 100th Episode – Report
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‘Person Of Interest’ Season 5 Episode 10 Spoilers: Finch Hunted Down In 100th Episode – Report

At long last, it’s time for the 100th episode of “Person of Interest”, and things are getting more thrilling than ever. The Machine spouts out Finch’s number as Samaritan operatives are out to get him!

‘Person of Interest’ Season 5

With the team getting back together in the last episode, and Fusco no longer in the dark about whatever is going on around him, it was a matter of time before things got taken a notch up. And what better time to do that than in the 100th episode of the show!

“The Voice” had already given a gist of what was about to happen in the coming episodes with his one dialogue “Cleanliness is all”, suggesting the deadly mission of Samaritan. In the upcoming episode, Finch might be the one caught in the crossfire of that mission, as the synopsis in CarterMatt suggests:

“Finch’s number comes up when a fatal error blows his cover identity and sets off a deadly series of escalating encounters with Samaritan’s operatives.”

Moreover, Samaritan operatives are said to turn the city of New York into a battleground full of bloodshed and chaos. So, is it safe to say that creators are setting the field for a showdown of a lifetime in the finale? Getting the team back looked certainly like the first step. Maybe painting a target on Finch’s back is the next step?

Something big must have happened to make Finch blow up his cover identity, which was keeping him safe for the past year, reports Movie News Guide. The Machine draws up Finch’s number for the first time. But one cannot forget that the Machine gives out the numbers of both victims as well as perpetrators. While the plot certainly suggests that Finch’s life might be in danger, there is also a real chance that Finch turns out to be the one doing the killing!

The creators are certainly scrambling to tie up loose ends before the finale episode airs. With rumors flying around that this might be the last season for the series; the creators are going to pull out all the tricks in the bag to ensure it become a memorable one for the fans.

“Person of Interest” Season 5 Episode 10 will air on May 31, 2016 on CBS.

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