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Percy Jackson Movies ‘No Educational Value Whatsoever!’ Author Rick Riordan Says

Percy Jackson Movies ‘No Educational Value Whatsoever!’ Author Rick Riordan Says
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Percy Jackson Movies ‘No Educational Value Whatsoever!’ Author Rick Riordan Says

Rick Riordan labeled his own books, at least their movie adaptations, as having “no educational value.” The author of “Percy Jackson” books wrote an open letter to teachers to warn teachers against using the movies to teach as reference for Greek mythology studies.

As reported by Hypable, Riordan posted an open letter explaining that he is pleased that his textual work had been used as reference for the study of Greek mythology of classrooms. However, when he learned that the movie adaptations were used as reference for educational purposes, the author was displeased with the notion.

Part of his open letter stated, “Now a plea: Please, for the love of multiple intelligences, DON’T show those “Percy Jackson” movies (ironic quotes intentional) in your classroom for a compare-contrast lesson or, gods forbid, a “reward” at the end of your unit. No group of students deserves to be subjected to that sort of mind-numbing punishment. The movies’ educational value is exactly zero. A better use of classroom time would be… well, pretty much anything, including staring at the second hand of the clock for fifty minutes or having a locker clean-out day.”

The author also tweeted, “No. Stop. Please. No class deserves such a punishment. I mourn the loss of perfectly good classroom time.”

He also stated in his open letter, “But I can think of zero justification for watching the adaptations of my books as part of a school curriculum. (And please, don’t call them my movies. They are in no way mine.)”

Based upon a book review posted in The Guardian, Smiley Carrott specified that Riordan’s literary work was, in fact, a good reference when learning Greek mythology. In fact, Carrott stated, “A great book that blends Greek myths and the modern world together fantastically, with plenty of jokes and fun. Rick Riordan is an amazing author and this book is a must read for 8-10 year olds.”

Despite the positive review, Riordan thinks that his books may be of good use in the classroom but the movie adaptations of “Percy Jackson,” according to the author, are in no way sufficient enough to pass as part of a school curriculum for it does not hold any educational advantages to children who are asked to watch the books as a reference for the study of Greek mythology.

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