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Pentagon, NATO Toughen Military Strategy Against Russia

Pentagon, NATO Toughen Military Strategy Against Russia
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Pentagon, NATO Toughen Military Strategy Against Russia

The Pentagon and NATO are preparing long-term military strategy in deterring Russian intervention or attack to any of the member of the alliance, U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter said en route to Berlin. He said long-term military measures are needed because there is a possibility that tensions between Russia and the alliance will outlive president Vladimir Putin’s reign.

Deterring Russia

Carter said the new military strategy he was talking about is specifically in anticipation that Russia might not change under Vladimir Putin, or even thereafter. Nevertheless, a hope remains that Russia will change course the moment it changes leadership.

“The United States at least continues to hold out the prospect that Russia, maybe not under Vladimir Putin, but maybe sometime in the future, will return to a forward-moving course, rather than a backward-looking course,” said Carter.

Ditching the Cold War playbook

Carter is traveling to Berlin to witness firsthand the NATO war games participated by members of the alliance. He however will try to convince the alliance to ditch the Cold War playbook which most of the war games are based from.

“The new playbook is to respond to the new security situation in Europe, including the situation posed by Russia’s own behavior. It’s not like it was in the old days. We are looking at a NATO response that is much more mobile [and] much more agile,” Carter told press.

He said U.S. will promote a balance approach of dealing with the hybrid warfare that Russia brought in Crimea at the same time working together with Russia in combating terrorists like the ISIS and reaching nuclear deal with Iran.


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