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Pentagon Admits War With Russia Growing Probability

Pentagon Admits War With Russia Growing Probability
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Pentagon Admits War With Russia Growing Probability

Pentagon Army General Martin Dempsey has acknowledged that a war between Russia and the United States is a growing probability. Dempsey said this as Pentagon launched the National Military Strategy that serves as blueprint of how U.S. military shall use its forces to protect and advance the nation’s national and security interests.

Probability of interstate war

“Today, the probability of U.S. involvement in interstate war with a major power is assessed to be low but growing. Should one occur, however, the consequences would be immense,” Dempsey wrote in the National Military Strategy released on July 1. The document highlighted the readiness that U.S. military should posses to counter “revisionist states” such as Russia.

“Russia’s military actions are undermining regional security directly and through proxy forces. It also has repeatedly demonstrated that it does not respect the sovereignty of its neighbors,” the document stated. Pentagon is working with allies to deter, deny and defeat potential state adversaries in any event of a Russian attack, the document said.

U.S. faces threats from Iran, North Korea, China and the ISIS

The military strategy also mentions threat coming from Iran’s nuclear program. The paper accused Iran of supporting terrorist groups in the region as well as in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Lebanon.

North Korea is also named as one of the countries that posses imminent threat to the U.S. The paper said the peninsula has developed atomic weapons and building missiles with trajectories aimed at reaching the U.S.

The paper also described China as a rising great power. However, China should be viewed as a potential partner for greater international security rather than an enemy.

Nevertheless, Dempsey described the Chinese activities over the South China Sea as worrisome.

“[The U.S. military] must provide a full range of military options for addressing both revisionist states and [violent extremist organizations]. Failure to do so will result in greater risk to our nation and the international order,” the paper stated.

National Military Strategy should position U.S. as global military leader

The military strategy released by the Pentagon shall uphold the U.S. as the leading military power across the globe.

“Globalization, diffusion of technology, and demographic shifts are driving rapid change as state actors and trans-regional networks challenge order and stability. This strategy addresses these dynamics and our strategy to ensure that our force remains the best-led, trained and equipped military on the planet,” Dempsey told an audience at a Pentagon briefing.


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