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Pearl Harbor Could Have Been Avoided, Warning Sent Via Coded Game [REPORT]

Pearl Harbor Could Have Been Avoided, Warning Sent Via Coded Game [REPORT]
USS California sinking-Pearl Harbor U.S. Navy / Wikimedia Commons Public Domain

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Pearl Harbor Could Have Been Avoided, Warning Sent Via Coded Game [REPORT]

After 75 years, a longtime mystery continues to surround the Pearl Harbor attack. It involves a decade-long conspiracy theory looming in a board game called The Deadly Double.

Pearl Harbor: The Deadly Double

Pearl Harbor acted as America’s ultimate cause to enter World War II. However, there is one big reason which could have helped in avoiding Japan’s attack.

In a book named “Pearl Harbor: From Infamy to Greatness“, writer Craig Nelson talked about the board game The Deadly Double. The game was first introduced in an advertisement in The New Yorker magazine.

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Furthermore, the ad came out with the headline: “Achtung, Warning, Alerte!” The magazine carried six smaller tag ads going back to the main copy, said TIME.

The main ad had pictures of a dice with numbers 12 and 7 on it. These numbers had never been there on a typical dice.

The book said that later during the war, an intelligence officer informed Navy pilot Joseph Bell that many in the intelligence community believed that the ad was carrying a secret message.

He also said that he had been assigned to investigate the matter. However, every lead he ever found took him to a dead end.

Most interestingly, the ad’s copy had been submitted to the magazine’s office in person and the fee was paid with cash. Moreover, the game given in the ad or the company that reportedly created it never existed.

Pearl Harbor: The Meaning Of The Ad

The mystery of the advertisement exists till today. However, Nelson stated that his research behind the ad did not reveal anything more.

His personal theory about the advertisement was that it was strange ad but not a warning about the Japanese attacks. He also stated that the numbers on the dice could theorize several possibilities other than the 12/7 date of the attack.

He also said that while the Americans were not inside the war, the ad still talked about Americans spending time in air-raid shelters. However, he continued to say: “I don’t quite believe if it’s a warning, but if it’s not—what is it?”

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Meanwhile, Bell himself wrote an article about the mysterious ad. It was published in the LA Times  back in 1989. There, he said that the intelligence officer told him things he shouldn’t have.

He also said that the officer conducted an investigation into the matter and discovered nothing. Although this officer was convinced that the game had been a warning, he was also perplexed about why an urgent message would be conveyed in this manner.

As for Bell, he said that he returned to college after the war and ended up seeing the ad for himself in the bound volumes of The New Yorker.

It was just as the information officer had described it.

Pearl Harbor: Who Is The Creator Of The Deadly Double?

According to Mysterious Universe, the FBI began investigating the ad. They discovered that the publisher of the ad, Monarch Trading Company, did not exist.

The company, as FBI suspected, was allegedly a dummy corporation.

The FBI started investigating The New Yorker and discovered more puzzling information. They got to know about the man who physically came and delivered the ad to the magazine office.

He was a white male who had not given his name to the magazine. The FBI finally tracked down the man, who they believed to be the one who placed the ads.

This led them to Roger Paul Craig, the game creator. The FBI also soon learned that the suspect had died in an accident under mysterious circumstances.

When the FBI questioned Craig’s widow, she told the investigators that the ads were nothing but coincidence.

Shockingly, however, Craig’s wife also revealed to authorities that her husband had worked in the Office of Strategic Services. This office eventually evolved into the Central Intelligence Agency or CIA.

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