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Secure Your System From Malware And Virus For Free, Here’s How

Secure Your System From Malware And Virus For Free, Here’s How


Secure Your System From Malware And Virus For Free, Here’s How

Are virus bothering you? Is malware a continuous threat to your PC security? Here are the ways to protect your system from threats, FREE of cost.

Each one of us uses the Internet nowadays not for an hour or two. We are using the Internet for eight to ten hours almost daily which means we open more than hundreds of pages. This gives birth to numerous pop-ups and unwanted pages. These are not always innocent promotional advertisements. They may be against your PC Security. How can you keep your system safe then?

We all look for ways to keep our PC security intact, but looking at the demand for anti-virus software, there are too many options available in the market. And all of them come for a price. What if even after paying they fail to offer your PC the security you are looking for? It is still recommended to protect your system with a paid anti-virus. But let us also look at the free ways to keep your PC safe from malware and other threats.

Free anti-virus for PC security

AV-Test, a German antivirus testing company, said that Panda Antivirus and Avast Antivirus do a commendable job when it comes to offering PC security for free. These software block malware. Even if your system is protected by a paid or free anti-virus, make sure you have extra software. Every anti-virus has its own specialty. What one does, the other cannot. So to protect your desktop/laptop from all kind of bugs, you can download any of the extra free antivirus software. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free and Norton Power Eraser are options worth considering. It is recommended not to use any of these two options as the primary anti-virus programs.

ZoneAlarm and Comodo Free Firewall are other tools used to safeguard your PC security. If you are the kind of person who does not depend on “automatic” settings, you will love these tools, as they require you to instruct the software what to allow and what not to allow on your system.

Hope these free PC security software help you keep your devices safe from malware and viruses without spending a penny.

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