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PayPal Rolls Out Ad that Slams Apple Pay

PayPal Rolls Out Ad that Slams Apple Pay


PayPal Rolls Out Ad that Slams Apple Pay

PayPal Rolls Out Ad that Slams Apple PayIt would logically be difficult for Apple Inc to assure consumers that its newly launched mobile payment system called Apple Pay would be fully secured. This is because in the past several weeks, Apple and its cloud technology were put in a bad light at the onset of the leaked celebrity photos in the nude, which were supposedly taken using iOS devices and stored in the cloud.

PayPal, the current major hater of Apple Pay, has made its move to capitalize on that loop hole. The online payment processing company has rolled out a full-page ad printed in San Francisco Chronicle, The New York Times, and USA Today.

Hitting the direct rival

It basically questions the security of the new Apple service that logically competes with its own. In the ad, PayPal focused on the suppose security breach of iCloud. The slogan hinted that consumers would prefer to make their money at a safer venue than their selfies.

The ad is not just about slamming the competitor, though. It is actually trying to persuade people to download its app and to start making online purchases with just a touch.

However, several security experts clarify that both PayPal and Apple Pay might be susceptible to possible hacks. They point out that any online payment solution could be subject to security challenges as scammers become more resourceful in aiming to defraud targeted victims.

The Apple Pay

Apple Pay was launched simultaneously with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus last September 9. It is the first contactless payment system of its kind from the technology giant. It will facilitate payments in participating restaurants and stores just by waving an iOS device in a special counter.

The service is like putting your credit or debit card into the PassBook app of an iPhone so that setting up an Apple Pay account would be possible. Apple assured that it is safe as it could possibly be. It said that if the device is lost, the user can simply suspend all payments using the account through the Find My iPhone feature. Apple Pay would be part of the free update to iOS 8, which has already  been rolled out this week. 

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