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PayPal Fires New Executive who Posted Disparaging Tweets Online

PayPal Fires New Executive who Posted Disparaging Tweets Online


PayPal Fires New Executive who Posted Disparaging Tweets Online

PayPal Fires New Executive who Posted Disparaging Tweets OnlineWhat should it take to fire a company executive? For PayPal Inc, it is ideal to part ways with managers that may violate some of its internal provisions. The company has recently fired its strategy executive after the same manager posted disparaging tweets online.

PayPal has announced that Rakesh Agrawal is not anymore connected with the firm. Ironically, the payment online site of eBay made the announcement of Twitter. As observers note, there is no reason for anyone to lac respect and to pay zero tolerance to the environment.

For those who are not familiar with the payment site. Mr. Agrawal got to the company about two months ago. Some sources claim that he has been doing great at the company until PayPal found disparaging tweets that may be eaily taken against the executive.

Mere punishment

In several tweets, Mr. Agrawal has slammed fellow manager and executive Christina Smedley. Ms. Smedley is currently the vice president at PayPal for global communications.

In a tweet, he directly addressed Ms. Smedley as ‘a useless middle manager.’ He even went near cursing his fellow executive at the manager. At this point, it is not clear if Ms. Smedley has responded to any of those tweets. One thing could be considered as clearer: PayPal is still considering the online credentials and performance of an executive or manager.

But whether she responded or not, for now, it is clear that PayPal would stick to its decision to consider online sources when assessing the credentials of a senior executive.

Lesson for others

Thus, the company’s other executives should look at this as a precedence. They should look at this issue as a sample and as a proof that the company is out to punish misdemeanors especially online. It would also not allow any of its personnel to berate and to insult other PayPal employees especially when the slamming could be accessed and discovered online.

At this point, it is also not clear what kind of due process the company observes when handling such cases. Many other online analysts simply think that this could be a wise and timely measure, especially these days when most businesses prefer to award and keep effective executives or managers. 

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