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Pawn Stars Update: Chum Lee Appearance Cancelled – REPORT

Pawn Stars Update: Chum Lee Appearance Cancelled – REPORT
Chumlee Berenice Garcia/ Flickr cc


Pawn Stars Update: Chum Lee Appearance Cancelled – REPORT

“Pawn Stars,” an American reality television series shown on History Channel, is now filming its 13th installment of the show and all members of the cast are expected to come back for the latest season.

However, it can be noticed that Chumlee, also known as Austin Lee Russell, has not started filming yet . Chumlee is one of the most popular cast on the show.

Last March, the 34 year old actor got arrested after being tied with multiple court cases in March. Thereafter, the police have found contraband of a small amount of meth, a bunch of pot, a stash of anti-anxiety medication Xanax inside inside his house and then the actor got detained but bailed himself by paying $62,000, according to Movie News Guide.

Chumlee’s records indicated cases with illegal drugs and gun possession.  An employee of Gold and Silver Pawnshop accused Lee of sexual assault, which is the reason why the police did a raid in his home to gather evidences. The case was later dismissed as there was no presented pertinent evidence.

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Luckily, his lawyers did wonders and were able to locked a plea deal, now all he got is just a 3-year probation. He just needs to follow the terms of his probation so that he will not be stuck with a felony charge.

Since Chumlee is under probation, many have predicted that he will no longer be included on the show but Chumlee hinted that he will be back filming soon but did not reveal the exact date of his return in the show through his social media account. However, it was later revealed that he had shot several episodes before his arrest. These shots could be possibly used to make up for his absence on the show.

“Pawn Stars” Season 13 is on the works and is expected to be back on the screens after the summer hiatus.

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