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Pawn Stars Chum Lee Possibly Leaving Show For Good After Felony Weapon, Drug Issues

Pawn Stars Chum Lee Possibly Leaving Show For Good After Felony Weapon, Drug Issues
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Pawn Stars Chum Lee Possibly Leaving Show For Good After Felony Weapon, Drug Issues

Fans might say goodbye to Chum Lee next season after the Pawn Stars personality was embroiled in a number of felony charges. Chum Lee was arrested following the discovery of drugs and weapons at his Las Vegas home last May.

The 33-year-old Austin Lee Russell was taken into custody after authorities found methamphetamine, marijuana and at least one gun at his southwest Las Vegas home. The officers were there to serve a search warrant in connection to a sexual assault complaint against Russell.

According to Koco, the Pawn Stars personality is being held pending an initial court appearance on 19 drug-possession charges and one weapon charge. Clark County Detention Center records reveal that his bail was set at $62,000.

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Interestingly, Russell was not charged with earlier sexual assault complaint. Department spokesman Larry Hadfield said that part of the investigation stemmed from a recent complaint by a woman, although it is still continuing.

Chum Lee Leaving Pawn Stars Due To Legal Troubles?

According to Movie News Guide, Chum Lee was successful in negotiating a plea deal for his case. He is currently out on probation up until 2019. Avoiding jail time and allowed him to continue his appearance in the hit reality show.

However, if he ever gets into trouble, Chum could face five to six years in prison for his felony weapon charges. Following these legal troubles, it was believed that he will be taking a leave from the show.

However it was later revealed that he had shot several episodes before his arrest. These shots could be possibly used to make up for his absence on the show.

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After the news broke out, co-stars Rick and Corey Harrison have been nothing but supportive. Chum is not only a valued co-worker but a family friend to the Harrisons.

Chum has served as the sort of comic relief for the show with his numerous antics in the pawn shop. Why he acts absent minded most of the time, he does contribute considerable information especially on items connected to sports or popular culture.

What are your thoughts on the prospect of Chum Lee possibly leaving Pawn Stars? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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