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Paul Walker’s Lost Car Video Resurfaced, Proceeds To Be Given To Charity

Paul Walker’s Lost Car Video Resurfaced, Proceeds To Be Given To Charity
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Paul Walker’s Lost Car Video Resurfaced, Proceeds To Be Given To Charity

The daughter of the late “Fast & Furious” actor Paul Walker, Meadow Walker, received 10.1 million dollars in a settlement for her father’s tragic death. After the settlement was made public, a previously lost footage of the American actor emerged, wherein it can be seen that Paul visited the world renowned GT-R performance shop.

According to Hollywood Life, the Fast & Furious actor was test-driving a modified R35 GT-R in the video. The video shows how Walker much of a motor sport lover the actor was.

The video footage of the actor taking the 600-horsepower, all-wheel-drive for a spin was said to be stumbled upon by GTChannel while they were moving offices. The money obtained from this video will be bestowed to the Paul Walker Foundation charity.

“We share this as a tribute to Paul’s passion for cars, good humor, and a reminder of the gravity of such a loss,” GTChannel representative said in a statement. “All proceeds from this video will be donated to the Paul Walker Foundation, a charity launched by Paul’s daughter as a tribute to his enduring legacy,” the representative added.

Meanwhile, TMZ reported that Meadow is still not happy with the amount she received in the settlement, as Meadow believes that Paul’s earning power would have been much greater if he’s alive.

Meadow is sure that her father could have made anywhere between $30 to $80 million if the actor’s life was not cut short so suddenly, especially since the Universal executives already gave a green light to three more “Fast & Furious” movies as the seventh installment was being made. Meadow said that those films, along with other projects, could have a sizable effect on Walker’s back account.

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