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Paul Walker: ‘Fast And Furious’ Star Case Of 30 Stolen Cars Dismissed

Paul Walker: ‘Fast And Furious’ Star Case Of 30 Stolen Cars Dismissed
Paul Walker Andre Luis/Wikimedia Commons CC

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Paul Walker: ‘Fast And Furious’ Star Case Of 30 Stolen Cars Dismissed

The deceased “Fast & Furious” actor, Paul Walker, has a collection of high-end cars and trucks. When he died, his employee Richard Taylor who mans his warehouse pulled out 30 units of his prized collections without the permission of his family.

The cars were hidden and the family of the late actor was contacted to extort money from. The estate then filed a case against Taylor to retrieve the precious cars.

Some of the actor’s collections were a 2011 Porsche 911 GT3 RS, a 2004 GMC truck, a 2006 Ford Crown Victoria, a 2008 BMW M3, three 1995 M3s, and many others. Some of his collections were already auctioned.

The Drive reported that the Los Angeles Superior Court came up with a resolution two weeks ago.  The accused party signed a document that stated he will return the cars or the money he acquired if he has already sold them. The court then dismissed the case.

It has been a long time since the death of Paul Walker. Hopefully, the cars are still in good condition. Since the estate agreed to the settlement, Meadow Walker will be richer. The Paul Walker Foundation will surely benefit from the settlement.

The actor’s only daughter put up the foundation in honor of her late father who has been a philanthropist and a generous person. Part of the $10.1 million settlement she got from the estate of Roger Rodas went to the foundation.

Rodas was a friend and companion of the actor when he died. He was the one driving the Porsche and died with him too.

The upcoming movie, “Fast And Furious 8” was another tribute to the late actor as per Movie News Guide. Cody Walker, his brother was cast in the movie as his brother who died in war.

Paul Walker has been dead long ago but his memory still lingers. His legacy in the “Fast And Furious” trilogy remains.

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