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Paris Love Locks: City Begins Removing Padlocks From Pont des Arts

Paris Love Locks: City Begins Removing Padlocks From Pont des Arts
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Paris Love Locks: City Begins Removing Padlocks From Pont des Arts

Paris city officials have started removing hundreds of love locks in the famous Pont des Arts on June 1. The decision was made in the wake of security concerns perceived when the weight of the padlocks made a portion of the bridged to collapse.

45 tones of love locks removed

An estimated 45 tonnes of love locks will be removed from the bridge according to Paris Deputy mayor Bruno Julliard. He said the railings will be temporarily replaced with artworks and permanent glass panels will be installed by fall.

Love locks at Pont des Arts will only be the first in a series of similar measures to be taken across different sites famous among tourists. Paris is just going to be the first city to put an end to the craze, the deputy mayor said. Apparently, tones of love locks have already put other tourist spots at risk of collapse. Julliard said there are many other ways to say “I love you” but the locks have to stop.

Couples heartbroken over removal of love locks

Lovers across the world have traveled to Paris just to fasten locks in the bridge. They wrote their initials on the padlocks and dropped the keys into the river below the Pont des Arts.

France 24 was able to chance upon an American couple who traveled miles away just to place a padlock on the bridge. However, they came the day when the removal has commenced.

Joe Perino and Delaney Collins said that they might be disappointed about not being able to place their love lock but they understand why the city decided to put an end to the practice. The couple however still believed that Paris will remain “the city of love” in the eyes of the tourists.

Meanwhile, an Italian couple, Giovanni and Monica, was unstoppable. Frances 24 spotted the couple attaching a love lock to the railing of the bridge while men were removing locks just few kilometers from them.

“It’s a symbol of our love. We want to come back 10 years from now and find our lock. If I knew that they were planning to take them down, I wouldn’t have bought the lock,” the couple told Frances 24.


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