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Paris Hilton Thinks ISIS Targets Her & Donald Trump Can Save Her

Paris Hilton Thinks ISIS Targets Her & Donald Trump Can Save Her
Kathy Hilton, Paris Hilton and Kyle Richards at NBC party at TCA Greg Hernandez / Flickr CC BY 2.0

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Paris Hilton Thinks ISIS Targets Her & Donald Trump Can Save Her

Paris Hilton fears that she might be the next in the list of ISIS targets because she is always in the limelight. In the same breath she made it clear as to which Presidential candidate she would be voting for!

Paris Hilton, probably remembered by many as the former best friend of Kim Kardashian and reality star, is currently employed as a DJ in Ibiza. And since her work requires her to travel across the globe, she is terrified that she might become the next victim of a terrorist attack!

After explicitly describing the ISIS attacks in Nice and Germany as “terrible”, she mentioned in an interview with Diario de Ibiza that she is so frightened that she has to “watch her back” at all times now.

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However, despite her fear of an impending attack from the Jihadist organization, she also added that she likes to enjoy life as a “free person” and live “like everyone else,’ unlike those celebs who like to “have ten bodyguards” surrounding them at all times, reports Daily Mail.

Paris Hilton On Donald Trump

Paris Hilton also commented on the U.S. elections, hinting indirectly who she might end up voting for. “Donald Trump I know since I was a child, he is a good friend of my father,” she said.

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She also spoke in defense of Trump saying that he is just an “extraordinary businessman” whom the media loves to paint as the villain.

Spoken like a person who has learnt a thing or two about how quick the media judges famous people, Paris Hilton observed, “Donald is a very famous person who is in the eye of the hurricane,” and hence, is always a popular target for all the news mediums, reports The Cut.

After successfully planning a series of beach clubs in the Philippines, Paris is all set to take launch a range of hotels in Dubai, Las Vegas and New York, expanding her brand name in the process.

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