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Paris Attacks Suspects: French Authorities Name Suspects Involved In Planning Of Attacks

Paris Attacks Suspects: French Authorities Name Suspects Involved In Planning Of Attacks


Paris Attacks Suspects: French Authorities Name Suspects Involved In Planning Of Attacks

Who are the Paris attacks suspects? French authorities named two suspects who were involved in the planning of the Paris attacks.

Who are the Paris attacks suspects? French authorities have named two suspects responsible for the planning and execution of Friday’s Paris attacks that occurred in multiple locations across the French capital. The incident killed 129 people and left 350 wounded.

According to NPR, these two men are Salim Benghalem, a French national, and Abdelhamid Abaaoud, an ISIS deputy.

Six locations in Paris, including the national stadium, a concert hall and restaurants, were targeted Friday with explosives and automatic weapons. The responsibility for the attack was claimed by the Islamic State group, blaming France for taking part in air strikes against the group’s forces in Syria.

Addressing both houses of parliament, French President Francois Hollande said in a speech that France was “at war.” He said Friday’s attacks were “an aggression against our country, against our values, against its youth and its way of life.” Salah Abdeslam, the eighth assailant involved in the attacks, has been named as the key suspect, as reported by BBC.

In the wake of the attacks, the stronghold of IS in Syria was attacked and bombed by French aircraft. Prime Minister Manuel Valls said raids and searches were being carried out across the nation in search for the Paris attacks suspects. In 168 conducted searches, 23 suspects were detained and in excess of 100 were placed under house arrest, French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said. “These operations are going to continue,” he said. The response of the Republic will be huge, will be total.”

Fighter jets dropped 20 bombs on areas under the stronghold of the IS, the French defense ministry said. Conducted in coordination with the United States, these targets include a command center, recruitment center for jihadists, a munitions depot and a training camp.

France remains in its third and final day of national mourning. A state of emergency was declared, with extra troops and that have been deployed on the streets after the Paris attacks that rocked the European country over the weekend. The Paris attacks suspects remain at large, but stay tuned for more development of the story.

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