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Paris Attacks: ‘Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge’ Saves Life; Watch Video Here

Paris Attacks: ‘Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge’ Saves Life; Watch Video Here
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Kārlis Dambrāns / Flickr CC BY 2.0


Paris Attacks: ‘Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge’ Saves Life; Watch Video Here

Technology literally saved a life during the Paris Attacks. A Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge was damaged by a metal piece that blew from the explosive.

Technology is a life-saver. We already know that. But what we didn’t know was it literally can save a live. After the Paris attacks, technology made things easier for victims as well as their loved ones.

While major telecom companies offered free calls to France, Facebook activated a feature where people can inform friends and family about their safety.

When gunmen opened fire and suicide bombers detonated bombs, there was a football match between Germany and France going on at Stade de France. There were 80,000 football fans at the Stadium including French President Francois Hollande. A man named Sylvester was one of those who were hanging out near the stadium. When the bomb exploded, a fragment of the explosive was about to injure Sylvester, but instead, it hit his phone, the “Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.” The device was badly damaged by the metal piece that penetrated into the smartphone.

As the metal piece did not hit the man, he suffered only minor injuries. The constant thirst to do better is what makes smartphone manufacturers come up with stronger and better devices. This has always helped the common man in one or more ways. And this time, we must say, technology did a marvelous job in helping as much as it can during the Paris attacks.

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