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Paris Attacks: Hunt For 8th Suspect Who Got Away Continues

Paris Attacks: Hunt For 8th Suspect Who Got Away Continues


Paris Attacks: Hunt For 8th Suspect Who Got Away Continues

A hunt for the eighth possible suspect involved in the Paris attacks, Abdeslam Salah, continued Sunday, after an abandoned car containing AK47s was found.

A hunt for a possible eighth suspect in the Paris attacks continued Sunday. The search comes after an abandoned car containing AK-47s was discovered in a Paris suburb.

The discovery could mean that one or more suspects managed to survive the attacks and get away from the police, authorities said. A bulletin that requested information for Abdeslam Salah, 26, was released by the French national police. Salah is believed to be one of three brothers involved in Friday’s Paris attacks that killed 129 people and left as many as 350 injured.

The Associated Press reports that Salah was pulled over near the Belgian border after the attacks, but was released after being questioned and checked for his identity.

Seven assailants wearing explosive packed vests were killed in the attacks on Friday. The first of these to be identified was Ismael Omar Mostefai. His father, brother, and anyone believed to be close to him had been taken in for questioning.

According to the Guardian, the French interior minister and Paris prosecutor have indicated a strong possibility of the attack having been planned in Belgium. Belgian prime minister, Charles Michel, said that there is a possible “link between the Paris attacks and Belgium.” The country has “exported more jihadis than any other” country in Europe, the AP reports.

Iraqi officials had warned of possible attacks by the Islamic State group against countries fighting the terror group in Iraq and Syria. The warnings of “bombings or assassinations or hostage taking in the coming days” had come a day before the Paris attacks on Friday. The AP reports that “the attackers were trained specifically for this operation and with the intention of sending them to France.”

In an online statement released Saturday, ISIS claimed responsibility for the deadly Paris attacks. The group said it blamed France for participating in air strikes targeting its forces in Syria. France “remains the main target of Islamic State … for having led the crusade, dared to insult our prophet, boasted of fighting Islam in France and for striking Muslims in the caliphate with their planes,” the statement said.

On Sunday, France targeted areas under the stronghold of ISIS. Two sites at the group’s headquarters in Raqqa, Syria, were bombed in U.S.-led airstrikes. In a statement, the defense ministry said, “The raid… including 10 fighter jets, was launched simultaneously from the United Arab Emirates and Jordan. Twenty bombs were dropped.” A command center, a recruitment center for jihadists, a munitions depot and a training camp for fighters were targeted.

A state of emergency has been declared by the French president, Francois Hollande. Museums and theaters remained shuttered for the second day.

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