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Paris Attacks: Frenchmen Of NBA Say ‘It’s Very, Very Sad’

Paris Attacks: Frenchmen Of NBA Say ‘It’s Very, Very Sad’
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Paris Attacks: Frenchmen Of NBA Say ‘It’s Very, Very Sad’

Deep sorrow echoed in the voices of French NBA players as Paris attacks updates ushered in. Chicago Bulls had their match against Charlotte Hornets on Friday night. Hornets’ Nicolas Batum and the Bulls’ Joakim Noah were up against each other. Both players checked to make sure their families back home are safe prior the game.

“Still a tough day for us,” Batum said after the Hornets lost to 102-97 scores. “I think about it all game. I wanted to do a good game to show them in my way, we’re strong.” The Frenchman also revealed that he was on the phone for a long time to locate his family before the game started.

“I talked to my sister and some friends and everybody is all right,” said Batum, whose sister lives near a site of the Paris attacks. “They’re shocked. They told me Paris is like a war outside. Everybody is outside. The police is outside. The army is outside.”

Noah’s father won the French Open Tennis at Roland Garros in 1983. He lived in the French capital from 1988 to 98. Noah called his family to confirm their safety.

“I’m not sure (what happened),” the Bulls player said. “I just know it’s very, very sad what’s going on in Paris. A lot of people died for no reason. We’re not really sure exactly what happened.”

Alexis Ajinca, New Orleans Pelicans center, expressed grief on his sneakers. Ajinca is a native of Saint-Etienne, France.

LeBron James was also shocked by the Paris attacks. “Our world right now is having so many different tragedies, so many different innocent people and victims are losing lives over nonsense, and hopefully at some point in time people will realize that’s not the way to live,” the star of NBA pointed out.

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