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Parents Become More Accepting To Gay Children

Parents Become More Accepting To Gay Children
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Parents Become More Accepting To Gay Children

Parents have become more accepting of their gay children at present as compared to how they were decades ago. Six-in-ten of Americans say they would not have negative feelings if their children came out to them as gays, a survey from Pew Research Center has found.

Parents have shifted attitude towards gay children

Six-in-ten or a total of 57 percent of Americans surveyed by Pew Research Center said they are willing to accept their children if they come out as gays. More than six-in-ten Americans or 63 percent now say that homosexuality should be accepted by society, George Gao of Pew Research said. According to the survey, only 29 percent of the Millennials said that they will be disappointed if their children turn out to be gays. Thirty-six of the Gen Xers said they would be upset; 47 percent of Boomers and 55 percent of the Silents said they would feel the same.

Children come out to their mothers than to their fathers

Gays who were interviewed for the survey have most likely told their mothers than their fathers. Seventy percent of gay men and 67 percent of lesbians told came out to their mothers while 53 percent of gay men and 45 percent lesbians came out to their fathers.

Sixty-four percent of gay men and 65 percent who were surveyed said it was difficult to tell their mothers. Seventy-four percent of gay men and 63 percent of lesbians it was difficult telling their fathers. Back in 1985, a Los Angeles Times survey found nine-in-ten Americans or 89 percent admitted to feeling upset to have a child come out to them as gay. In 1994, 49 percent of Americans said homosexuality should be discouraged.

Support for gay marriage has also shifted

American’s attitudes toward gay marriage has already witnessed a dramatic shift prior to the June 26 Supreme Court ruling, a Pew Research Center polling in May has found. In May 2015, 57 percent of the Americans are already in favor of gay marriage as compared to 37 percent back in 2009. Millienials are the most likely to favor same-sex marriage at 73 percent, Democrats at 65 percent and people without any religious affiliation at 85 percent. The poll also revealed that 59 percent of whites favor same-sex marriage; 56 percent of Hispanics feel the same while only 41 percent of African-American favors gay marriage. Sixty-two percent of mainline Protestants support same-sex marriage while only 33 percent of African-American and 27 percent of evangelical Protestants favor it.

In their own words

Pew Research Center has compiled true accounts of people who have come out to their loved ones. They have shared how their experience was. Morning News USA has chosen 5 who shared of their positive experience about coming out: “Everyone that I talked to said, ‘You are the same person and I love you no matter what.’ My father said that if I was happy, then he was also happy. When you tell people that you are gay, there seems to be relief for everyone.” “It’s been a relief to be able to be honest with people, and it has made me closer with people. It’s helped me see who my friends really are.” “At first, it was difficult, but the more people I told, the more openly I lived until I didn’t really tell people any more. They figure it out on their own. Maybe they eventually ask (usually someone else).” “I used to be really nervous about anyone knowing. Now, it’s more acceptable to be gay, plus, at my age, I no longer care what anyone thinks about it.” “The hardest thing was telling my wife after having been married for 23 years. She was and still is very bitter about what happened. She felt that I had wasted 23 years of her life. My children and sisters and all others were accepting and loving.” Read more. [divider] Also read: 8-year-old boy Wows At NYC Gay Pride Parade You might be interested: Gay Pride: Love Wins ‘It Is So Ordered’ [divider]

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