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Parenting Tips 101: Funny Kids’ Photo On The First Day Of School Went Viral

Parenting Tips 101: Funny Kids’ Photo On The First Day Of School Went Viral
There’s two types of kids on the first day of school Imgur

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Parenting Tips 101: Funny Kids’ Photo On The First Day Of School Went Viral

If you have kids going to school soon, chances are you are in for memorable moments.

This viral photo best explains the top two reactions from kids on the first day of school.

The photo gained social media attention through Imgur. It was an instant hit among parents who can relate to the photo.

Why do some kids cry? Why other kids seemed unfazed? Should you be worried? What can parents do to prepare their kids on the first day of school?

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In an interview with TODAY, photo owner and mom of the kids, Traci Willis, shared that she had initial hesitations on posting the photo online. She feared for her kids and worried that they might be exposed to social media all too soon.

The kids’ uncle posted the photo and the family were surprised that it got such attention. It was viewed over 8 million times! These kids were instant superstars.

Mom Traci called the photo “cute and funny.” It was captioned: “There’s two types of kids on the first day of school.”

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The snapshot showed a little girl, all-smiles and ready to be the bright girl in class. But not far behind is a toddler getting all cranky and throwing a tantrum. Call it picture perfect. The photo really captures the most common reactions of kids when they first go to school.

Traci explained that her daughter was so excited to start kindergarten, while her younger son was “nervous” to enter preschool. Her son started lying on the floor and cried.

Later that day, Traci said that it went well for her son. He found delight in his new surrounding and felt much better.

According to psychologists, younger kids tend to cry on their first day of school due to change of environment and minor anxiety. They want to see familiar faces like their parents or guardian. They advised parents to prepare their kids and talk to them about exciting things to expect at school.

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