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Parent Accused Of Stealing Nearly $9,000 In School Funds For Sex Toys

Parent Accused Of Stealing Nearly $9,000 In School Funds For Sex Toys
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Parent Accused Of Stealing Nearly $9,000 In School Funds For Sex Toys

A parent who has been appointed high school treasurer is being accused of stealing nearly $9,000. She allegedly used the money to buy sex toys.

38-year-old Jill Lynn Fielder allegedly wrote checks to herself and proceeded to make deposits into her PayPal account while she was volunteering as a treasurer for a high school parent group. The said group was organizing a senior party for Eastview High School.

According to the criminal complaint, members of the parent group notified Apple Valley police regarding some unusual transactions in their group’s bank account back in March. The group also stated that only Fielder had access to the said account.

When the group members checked their bank account records, they discovered that there were several checks totaling nearly $3,8000 that could not be accounted for. These were also not authorized by the group. Moreover, they also discovered several debit card transactions amounting to over $4,900.

According to a report from, Fielder had allegedly diverted funds to her PayPal account amounting to $4,325. The amount was intended for Pure Romance, a business that sells sex toys. During that time, Fielder was working as an independent contractor for the said business.

During an interview with officers, Fielder had admitted to making the transactions. She also said that she had done some of the transactions in order to buy prize items for the party. Fieler also stated that she owed the group around $7,000 and would need time to repay it. On the other hand, Fiedler was unable to explain a $414 purchase made with AT&T in January.

Fielder has a criminal past involving returned checks and false representation.

Back in July 2015, Fielder had also been charged with two counts of theft in Scott County after she allegedly wrote 27 checks that American Express had returned. The bank said the checks were not pre-authorized. One of the said bad checks amounted to $5,400. Fielder had written it for Minnesota Harvest for the rental of an apple orchard for her wedding.

Meanwhile, in October 2016, Fielder had pleaded guilty to gross misdemeanor of theft-false representation. She received a sentence of two years probation and 80 hours of community service.

Today, Fielder has been charged with one count of felony theft by temporary control in Dakota District Court. Her first court appearance has been set for August 7.

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