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Pamplona Bull Run 2015: Americans, Briton Gored (Photos)

Pamplona Bull Run 2015: Americans, Briton Gored (Photos)
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Pamplona Bull Run 2015: Americans, Briton Gored (Photos)

Two Americans and one Briton were gored in the annually held Pamplona Bull Run. There were eight other men, including three Americans, who suffered bruises and scuffs from falling on the ground.

Gored in the armpit and groin area

A 27-year-old American from California, only identified by the Spanish media by his initials D.M.O.A and 38-year-old Mike Webster, an occupational therapist from Gainesville, Florida, were the two Americans who were gored in the Pamplona Bull Run held annually in the month of July. A 30-year-old Briton, identified by local media with the initials A.B.O,, was gored in the groin area. None of the injuries obtained by the three men is life threatening, the local media reported.

There were eight other men, including three Americans, who suffered bruises for falling on the ground during the Bull Run.

It was the 38th time over the last 11 years that Webster ran in the Pamplona Bull Run, he told the Associated Press. This is the first time that he got injured. He was gored in the armpit and is now thinking whether he will run again next year. He needs to ask for his wife’s permission, Webster told AP.

Pamplona Bull Run 2015

The vast majority of people participating in the Bull Run are men and foreigners from the U.S., Australia, New Zealand and Britain, according to The Local. The participants normally fall over each other or fell in the mad as they run from the mad bulls. The arena is a long-winding road measuring 846.6 meter. The run normally lasts two minutes, 23 seconds.

The Bull Runs starts on July 6 and will be held every day until July 14. Daredevils are fond of running closely with the bulls. During the run on Monday, one black bull ran past the runners and attacked some participants who tried to flee. Six bulls are being freed daily for the run. They are eventually killed in an afternoon bullfight.

There are already 15 people killed by the bulls since modern day records started in 1911, according to The Local. The most recent death happened in 2009 when a 27-year-old Spaniard was gored in the neck, heart and lungs.


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