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Pamela Anderson, Vladimir Putin Shares Mutual Love

Pamela Anderson, Vladimir Putin Shares Mutual Love
Image from the U.S. Navy


Pamela Anderson, Vladimir Putin Shares Mutual Love

Pamela Anderson believes she shares mutual love with Russian president Vladimir Putin – mutual love for animals and nature, that is. She penned an open letter for the Russian president, calling for his help to stop a cargo ship en route via Russian waters. The said ship is carrying 1,700 tons of fin whale meat.

Anderson, Putin’s love of nature

“I believe that we both share a mutual love for animals and a deep respect for nature and for this reason I would like to make a personal request to you, on behalf of endangered Fin whales,” Anderson wrote in her open letter.

A cargo ship named the Winter Bay is carrying a cargo of 1,700 tons of Fin whale meat, according to Anderson. Fin whales are killed illegally in order to amass this amount of meat. This violates the International Whaling Commission’s moratorium on commercial whaling, Anderson said. Fin whales are also endangered species which made the matter worse, said Anderson.

The Winter Bay was already prohibited from traveling via the Suez Canal or Panama Canal as well as European and African routes. Winter Bay’s only option is to transit through Russian waters with the help of Russian icebreakers to successfully deliver the whale meat to Japan.

“President Putin, you can stop this illegal transit by forbidding this vessel from carrying a cargo of endangered Fin whale meat through Russian waters to Japan. I would like to respectfully ask you to consider investigating this shipment and to do what you can to prevent it from transiting to Japan an illegal cargo,” Anderson wrote.

“Your decision could put an end to the needless slaughter of endangered whales by Iceland,” she said in conclusion.

Support for Anderson

Sea Shepherd Conversation Society, which posted Anderson’s letter online, said it supports Anderson and her efforts to fight the illegal trade of whale meat.

“Pamela Anderson has established herself as an influential and powerful voice for animals and the environment,” Sea Shepherd Founder, Captain Paul Watson, said in a statement.

“Her name is well known throughout the world, including Russia, and Pamela understands very well that celebrities have the power to reach the ears of the powerful with important messages that would otherwise not be heard,” Watson said.

Kremlin denies receiving the letter

Meanwhile, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said the government is of no knowledge of a letter sent by Anderson. “No, we do not know anything about it [the letter],” Peskov said as reported by Public Radio of Armenia.


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