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Pam Hupp Of Faria Case Arrested: Witness Murdered Man In Elaborate Frameup

Pam Hupp Of Faria Case Arrested: Witness Murdered Man In Elaborate Frameup
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Pam Hupp Of Faria Case Arrested: Witness Murdered Man In Elaborate Frameup

The woman who fatally shot a man in her O’Fallon home last week has been charged with first degree murder and armed criminal action.

Fifty-seven-year-old Pam Hupp killed Louis Gumpenberger, 33, on August 16 in what is believed as a plan to frame an individual named Russell Faria.

As reported by St. Louis Today, Hupp killed Gumpenberger as part of a plot against Russell. While she did confess to killing the victim, she added it was in self-defense.

Pam Hupp charged: Hupp says she acted in self defense

As reported by KSDK, upon arrival, officers discovered a handwritten note, which contained instructions to kidnap and kill Hupp, and $900 cash on the dead body of Gumpenberger.

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According to Hupp, a car pulled up in her driveway. Gumpenberger, who climbed into her car, held a knife to her throat and instructed that he take her to the bank where “Russ’ money” was kept. After being able to disarm Gumpenberger, she ran back into her home; and Gumpenberger followed her. She subsequently called 911 and shot him.

The investigators, on the other hand, said Hupp was in front of Gumpenberger’s apartment complex before she called 911. The victim was outside at the same time, according to witnesses in the apartment complex.

Hupp was a key witness in last year’s retrial of Russell. His wife, Betsy, was found dead in their apartment in 2011.

Pam Hupp arrested: Hupp was ‘looking for somebody that fit a particular profile’

Following Betsy’s death, Hupp, who became Betsy’s beneficiary days before the killing, received $150,000 in life insurance. As reported by NBC News, a detective testified that, according to Hupp, she and Betsy were lovers.

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According to the charging document, Gumpenberger had slurred speech and was physically and mentally limited as a result of a brain injury he sustained in a 2005 vehicle accident. Prosecuting attorney Tim Lohmar said Hupp was looking for a victim who could be easily influenced by monetary benefits.

“She was very calculated and looking for somebody that fit a particular profile,” Lohmar said. “This victim unfortunately fit that profile. Somebody who may not be sophisticated, somebody who might be easily persuaded by a decent amount of cash.”

On Tuesday, Hupp was taken into custody by the O’Fallon Police Department, and she is currently being held on $2 million cash only bond.

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