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Palmyra: ISIS Beheads Men, Shoots Children In Ancient Site

Palmyra: ISIS Beheads Men, Shoots Children In Ancient Site
Photo Kema Keur / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0


Palmyra: ISIS Beheads Men, Shoots Children In Ancient Site

The ISIS has beheaded at least 14 men and shot 9 children in the ancient site of Palmyra. Photos circulating across social media sites associated with the terrorist group show eight headless men, hands tied, scattered in the streets of the World Heritage site.

ISIS is hunting street by street

The ISIS is not leaving stones unturned as it hunts for people it suspects are spying for the government, sources from Palmyra said. The terrorist group has also murdered 29 members of the Shaitat tribe, sources said. The Times saw a video showing how ISIS tied a 20-year-old man to a lamppost and thereafter killing him with a bazooka. There are also reports that ISIS killed a male gynaecologist and a woman it accused of practicing witchcraft.

“Until now there are five persons killed by cutting their heads in the central square. They killed one man named Musa just now. They took many other people as prisoners. We don’t know where they are,” a source told The Times.

ISIS shoots nine children

The ISIS has also shot nine children in the surrounds of the ancient city of Palmyra, The Independent reported citing UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights or SOHR.

SOHR director Rami Abdel Rahman said the children were killed with their fathers ISIS accused of spying for the government.

“The children’s fathers were working in the Syrian government, not in intelligence or anything like that but as office workers. We heard that they were shot yesterday morning and we had it confirmed from people there in the evening,” Rahman told The Independent.


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