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Pakistan Factory Collapses, Death Toll Update

Pakistan Factory Collapses, Death Toll Update
Earthquake Response by the U.S. Navy ox News Insider / Flickr CC BY 2.0


Pakistan Factory Collapses, Death Toll Update

How many died in the Pakistan factory collapse? Find out the death toll update and cause of collapse in this news article.


A Pakistan factory collapsed on Wednesday, killing at least 18 people as of this writing. The factory is located near the eastern city of Lahore, according to the officials’ statements, published in Reuters.

Cause of the collapse

The authorities who were dispatched in the area named no probable cause of the collapse. They are still investigating the issue. 150 people are believed to be inside the collapsed building.

In an official statement, the authorities said that at least 18 people have been recovered dead already. There were phone calls from survivors who were trapped inside the building. This is the reason why the rescue team cannot just remove the debris “recklessly.” New York Times reported that at least 70 people were pulled out safe. Lahore hospitals have declared a state of emergency.

A military spokesman, said in the same Reuters report, that “Army engineers have been immediately moved for the rescue operation.”

The factory manufactured plastic shopping bags and is run by Rajput Polyester Factory. It employs at least 250 workers.

New York Times reported that the building developed cracks after the earthquake last month that hit Pakistan and Afghanistan. A senior official of Bahria Town, Ahad Muzaffar Shah, said that the building is already in a “debilitated condition.”

This tragedy incited a new call from the government to make sure that buildings adhere to the laws of safety and that the authorities ensure security of buildings.

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