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Pack Of Dogs Kills Woman In Manor, Texas

Pack Of Dogs Kills Woman In Manor, Texas
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Pack Of Dogs Kills Woman In Manor, Texas

On Wednesday night, in an Austin suburb, a woman died after being attacked by a pack of dogs. It was reported that she was distributing court papers.

The incident took place in the 12300 block of Fay Street in Manor, which is nearly 10 miles northeast of Austin. Sheriff’s department was intimated at about 9 p.m. on Wednesday by someone who had visited the property to feed dogs.

After reaching the area, the deputies discovered the body of 36-year-old Erin McCleskey. According to the deputies the lady had “obviously been attacked by several dogs,” said Austin’s statement.

Law enforcement authorities stated that the woman had visited the area property to serve court papers. It became obvious that she was attacked by the pack of dogs the moment she opened the gate.

Several sources confirmed that the woman’s body was taken to the Travis County medical examiner for an autopsy.

After the incident, animal-protection officers took away six dogs from the residence. Reports said that the animal-protection authorities had also found 14 puppies on the property.

According to the statement released by the city of Austin, most of the dogs appeared to be Labrador/Great Pyrenees mixes.

Patricia Fraga, Austin city spokeswoman, stated that these dogs were never complained about, before. Records from all area animal centers showed no prior animal complaints involving the property.

According to the Statesman, these dogs were left loose on the property. However, their master and owner has been identified as Terry Swanson.

Swanson had gone out of town for over a month and had left a caretaker in charge of feeding his dogs.

The chief operating officer of EZ Messenger, Casey Cox, said that McCleskey was an independent contractor who was serving papers for his company at the time.

Cox also informed that McCleskey was the daughter of his business partner, Michael Shapiro. It was noted by Cox that she lived with her parents and had siblings in the area.

According to the press release, the Travis County medical examiner’s office is continuing its investigating to identify McCleskey’s cause of death.

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