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Pacers Agree 4 Year Deal With Monta Ellis For $44 Million

Pacers Agree 4 Year Deal With Monta Ellis For $44 Million
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Pacers Agree 4 Year Deal With Monta Ellis For $44 Million

The Indiana Pacers got the shooting guard they targeted for a long time.

Monta Ellis got the $44 million deal as par his high aspirations.

The 29-year-old agreed to a four year deal that has a player option in the final year on Thursday with the Pacers. Ellis and the Pacers now shall unite to work for Indiana’s elusive NBA crown.

Though the official signing according to league rules can only take place from July 9. Ellis turned down a much bigger offer of $48 million for four years from the Sacramento Kings, according to reports.

“Last evening they (Larry Bird and Ellis) had dinner,” agent Jeff Fried said after confirming the contract terms. “Monta who is not a very animated young man, enjoyed it. He just felt the community, the culture of the team represented what he is about — the person who gives it his all on the court.”

Indiana has formidable stars in the form of two-time All-stars Paul George and Roy Hibbert, combo-guard George Hill, who comes off a career best season and 19-year-old promising Myles Turner.

6 foot 3 inches Ellis now joins them to lift the Pacers to the level of serious title contenders. The pacers are planning to play at a much faster tempo and add venom in their shooting from the back-court.

“The first thing is going to be how hard it’s going to be to play the way Larry wants us to play,” assistant coach Dan Burke said after running practice with Indiana’s summer league team.

“You can’t just say you’re going to do it. It’s hard.”

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