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Overweight Man Asked To Leave McDonald’s, Fat-Shamer Attacked

Overweight Man Asked To Leave McDonald’s, Fat-Shamer Attacked
McDonald’s Mike Mozart / Flickr CC BY 2.0


Overweight Man Asked To Leave McDonald’s, Fat-Shamer Attacked

There is still humanity left! A fat-shaming teen was appropriately punished by a customer when she tried to bully an overweight man in McDonald’s.

Caught on camera, was the footage of two teenage girls, a blonde and a brunette, who stood hurling insults at an overweight man waiting to order food from McDonalds.

The obese man looks on almost speechless as the two girls tell him to leave the fast-food restaurant.

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“You shouldn’t even be in here mate. Why don’t you just leave now and do yourself a favor?” says the brunette girl, while her blonde friend backs her up.

The man’s explanation is barely audible over the constant shouts of the two teens. They tell him that it is because of him that NHS is losing money and then tell him to go for a jog instead of ordering food.

“You’re so fat already… don’t get food. Don’t eat anymore. You should stop eating!” the brunette yells, while the blonde is heard saying “save your life” in the backdrop.

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Finally one disgusted bystander steps in defense of the poor man. The second man, an Afro-American, confronts the girls asking, “What are you doing?”

The blonde girl then points at the target of their bullying and goes, “Look at the size of him!” reports Mirror.

“So?” says the second man with an incredulous expression on his face. He then proceeds to lift up his shirt and states, “I’ve got a belly as well, so what?”

The girls refuse to give up even then. While the brunette says that it is nothing in comparison to the first man, the blond takes on a nastier discourse, telling him that he ought to leave the restaurant as well.

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The second man gets outraged by the blond girl’s response and dumps the contents of the glass of soda that he was carrying on top of the brunette girl while the bystanders applause!

Unknown to everyone, this was actually a social experiment conducted by a YouTube channel called Trollstation. The agenda of the experiment was to see if the common public rise to defend the obese man.

Check out the video below!

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