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‘Overwatch’ New Maps, New Heroes, Preparation For Competitive Scene

‘Overwatch’ New Maps, New Heroes, Preparation For Competitive Scene
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‘Overwatch’ New Maps, New Heroes, Preparation For Competitive Scene

“Overwatch,” Blizzard’s foray into the first-person shooter genre has gotten quite the attention before it was even released, both good and bad (poor Tracer).

In the game’s official forum, game director Jeff Kaplan revealed their plans for the game this 2017 including new maps, new heroes and the return of competitive play.

Kaplan wrote that from the beta version of the game’s Competitive Play, they only hoped to make some minor polishing and adjustments.

Unfortunately, the feedback they got made them reconsider and recreate the feature with an entirely different direction in mind.

According to Polygon, Kaplan revealed that the Competitive Play for “Overwatch” is a big effort for them and will probably require as much work as the first version. The beta version was heavily criticized, fortunately, they learned from their mistakes.

Kotaku reported that although many appreciated the game mode, they criticized Blizzard’s way of doing it. Some expressed their concerns regarding its structure which pretty much allowed anybody to join the big leagues just by playing enough games.

Beta testers believed that there was little emphasis on skill, overcoming challenges, and improving. They also thought that the tier system didn’t get much attention as it emphasized grinding rather than long-term progression.

Considering that most MMO games are built with competitive gaming in mind, this mode will let it compete with games like “CS:GO,” which has a thriving competitive scene. They are currently play-testing the mode several times a day and are looking into putting up a public test realm before implementing it in “Overwatch.”

Additionally, Jeff Kaplan also revealed that new heroes are currently in development. They have currently prototype heroes that could potentially be available in the future. They are, however, currently at the stage where he cannot talk about the release schedules publicly.

New maps are also in development, they are currently play-testing one map and Kaplan describes it as amazing and a total disaster at the same time. The map was unique and very innovative although it places emphasis on long-range heroes leaving short to mid-range heroes practically useless.

While there are much more going on, Jeff Kaplan and the “Overwatch” team can’t stress it enough. Not all of the plans can be implemented and some of the stuff might not happen. They will share information with the community as long as it understands that anything can happen and many of the proposed ideas might not make it in-game.

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