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‘Overwatch’ Game Update: Skill Rank Problems, Character Limits & New Sniper Ana

‘Overwatch’ Game Update: Skill Rank Problems, Character Limits & New Sniper Ana
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‘Overwatch’ Game Update: Skill Rank Problems, Character Limits & New Sniper Ana

Overwatch has been making waves especially since it introduced a new hero: Ana. The sniper-healing, older woman has gotten people adoring her despite issues with the game.

Overwatch New Sniper Ana

The internet showed a lot of love for Overwatch’s new hero, Ana. According to the game’s lore, Ana is the mom of Pharah “justice rains from above” Amari. Way back, she served as one of the fiercest heroes of the organization. However, she got shot in the head by Windowmaker, and the rest of the world figured that’s the end for her.

Characters don’t usually emerge from something like that, but thanks to a plot twist, Ana is alive all along, as discussed by Kotaku.

Initially, she watched as the rest of the world fall into conflict but eventually decided she needed to do something. Even with her uncanny sniping ability, one thing that stands out is that she’s a mom.

However, more than just an adoring new character, Blizzard may have to address Overwatch rage quitters because they are still causing Skill Rank problems for players, according to PC Gamer.

In the previous month, Overwatch saw its first major update that came with the Competitive Play to the multiplayer FPS for the first time. While the update offered significant changes, including a more serious approach to play, it did not have the best launch. Blizzard is still attempting to determine the best way to measure and evaluate player performance in relation to Skill Rankings. 

Problems with Overwatch

“Previously, if a player from either team left mid-match, the game would automatically recalculate each team’s probability of winning, taking a look at not only who left the match, but also when they left,” explained Overwatch in its official post.

“The assumption was that if a team was a person down, the odds of them winning would go down, too, and that the most accurate thing we could do was account for this when adjusting each player’s Skill Rating at the end of the match.

“Despite being more accurate, we received a lot of feedback that this recalculation just didn’t feel great and that it incentivized bad leaver behavior—which is last thing we want to do in Competitive Play.”

The company also said that because of this, the game will not recalculate each team’s probability of winning anymore each time a player leaves. This also means that the Skill Rating of the players will be adjusted constantly depending on the odds of the team during the start of the match. This is regardless if there are leaves on the player’s teams or their enemy’s.

However, several multiplayers are complaining that the issues persist. Blizzard may need to address the issue further, including discontent of players, or it risks a considerable redesign of the game.

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