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Outlook For iOS: Touch ID Will Now Secure Emails & Calendar

Outlook For iOS: Touch ID Will Now Secure Emails & Calendar


Outlook For iOS: Touch ID Will Now Secure Emails & Calendar

Outlook for iOS adds Touch ID support for emails and calendar apps. Read more about the new features here.

Have you ever wondered how wonderful it would be if apps don’t need to be password-protected? Every time you set a password, remembering it becomes another issue. And if you forget the password, resetting is the only solution. Outlook for iOS has a solution for this.

After Apple launched iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus with Touch ID last year, the feature was expected to hit other devices. Almost all upcoming smartphones now support fingerprint sensors, making online transactions easier. Outlook is one such app that always keep abreast with technology. After the Skype integration, cloud storage and many other services were introduced by Outlook for iOS, here comes a fresh and welcome change.

Outlook for iOS has now enabled Touch ID support for calendar and emails. On the iTunes site, here is what Apple says about the updated app:

“Everything looks better with images, right? That’s why we’ve just included the pictures of attendees below events in the agenda view. With just a glance, you can now get all the info you need. While we were at it, we also added a nice little shortcut in the day and 3-day views. Press and hold a time slot to create a new event. You can now protect your inbox with Touch ID and get the privacy you deserve. Keep your messages away from prying eyes by requiring your fingerprint or device passcode in order to access your Outlook account. To enable Touch ID, take a look at the app Settings under Preferences. (iOS 9 users) Your inbox – and dare we say it, the world – is now at your fingertips.”

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