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‘Outlander’ Season 2 Finale Spoilers: Heartbreaking Episode Expected

‘Outlander’ Season 2 Finale Spoilers: Heartbreaking Episode Expected
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‘Outlander’ Season 2 Finale Spoilers: Heartbreaking Episode Expected

What would happen in “Outlander” season 2 finale after Claire Randall (Caitriona Balfe) and Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan) emerged unsuccessful to stop the Battle of Culloden?

Know more from these “Outlander” season 2 finale spoilers!

While fans seem to have different speculations of what will happen in the 90-minute season-ending episode of the Starz British-American television drama series, one thing is for sure: it will surely be heartbreaking.

How heartbreaking could “Outlander” season 2 finale possibly get?

In an interview with Access Hollywood, a video of which was shared on YouTube, lead star Heughan and executive producer Maril Davis teased about some spoilers of the things that will happen during the “Outlander” season 2 finale.

Davis hinted that the program might leave its viewers emotional, something which happened to her the first time she watched it.

“It’s so emotional…It’s so heartbreaking,” she declared. “I don’t cry anymore at playbacks; I really don’t because I’ve seen the stuff so many times. I cried like three times [watching the finale].”

“The music is wonderful, the writings amazing,” she added. “I mean, Caitriona and Sam are heartbreaking. Get your tissues and your whiskey ’cause you’re going to need it.”

Heughan, on the other hand, stated that unlike their executive producer, he has not seen yet the “Outlander” season 2 finale.

“I haven’t seen the last episode,” he said. “Obviously, I was in it somewhere, but I just remember it being very, very emotional and critical, actually.”

He even continued by saying that “The time is getting so close to zero hours, to the point that they have to stop history from happening. Whether or not they do is the spoiler.”

Meanwhile, TV Guide made a rundown of the most possible scenarios that may happen on the “Outlander” season 2 finale on July 9.

It noted that in its list of “Outlander” season 2 finale spoilers that Claire “needs to figure out she’s pregnant,” while Jamie “need to share some bonding moments” with Murtagh (Duncan Lacroix).”

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