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Outage Hits BlackBerry Users in Canada and Southeast Asia

Outage Hits BlackBerry Users in Canada and Southeast Asia


Outage Hits BlackBerry Users in Canada and Southeast Asia

Outage Hits BlackBerry Users in Canada and Southeast AsiaUsers of BlackBerry devices had experienced spotty connections on Tuesday (March 4). The outage particularly affected the areas of Canada and Southeast Asia.

As expected, the affected users used the social media to vent out their concerns about the problem. The Ontario, Canada-based company immediately released a statement to acknowledge the issue, to apologize, and to assure the public that it was already doing its best to remedy the situation, Just within a few hours after the problem was determined, BlackBerry suddenly released a statement that the problem has already been resolved.

However, in Wednesday morning, some users particularly within the Southeast Asian region again took to Twitter to announce their disappointment over the outage. Some observers note that the problem does not exist in Canada anymore, but it seems to have lingered in Southeast Asia.

Problems in Singapore

In Singapore, particularly, SingTel had assured Blackberry users that its own engineers are working their best to normalize mobile service as soon as they possibly could. The largest mobile carrier in the region did not set a timetable but simply said the resolution would be out soon.

Meanwhile, a spokesman from StarHub, the second biggest telecoms operator in the same country, also announced that it has been receiving complaints from many users in the country. The company disclosed that it had alerted BlackBerry itself, which told them that it is already working to resolve the issues soon.

In denial? 

However, a spokesman from BlackBerry has reiterated the company’s statement released on Tuesday. He said that the service has already been operating normally and that affected users should not anymore be experiencing the ongoing difficulties.

It should be noted that this outage is the first reported and massive interruption of the service since BlackBerry had installed its new management. The company assigned its new chief executive, John Chen, in November. It has also installed many other new managers at almost all senior positions within the firm.

Preparing for Indonesian launch

At the same time, the service outage also comes at a time when Blackberry is preparing to release a new customized smartphone in Indonesia. The company is set to launch the product in April. It already explained that it chose the Indonesian market because its products have remained extremely popular in the Southeast Asian country.

It should be noted that the company is trying to set its focus on developing markets as it tries to offset its current struggles in the developed nations, like the US. For now, Blackberry would not want to tarnish its reputation in the Southeast Asian region, which is said to be its next target for growth.

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