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Oscars 2016: Kate Winslet In Tears For Leonardo DiCaprio’s Best Actor Win

Oscars 2016: Kate Winslet In Tears For Leonardo DiCaprio’s Best Actor Win
English actress Kate Winslet. Being interviewed on the red carpet at the Palm Springs Film Festival. Maggie (Maggiejumps) from Palm Springs, United States/Wikimedia Commons CC BY 2.0

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Oscars 2016: Kate Winslet In Tears For Leonardo DiCaprio’s Best Actor Win

Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, the lead cast of the 1997 epic romantic film “Titanic,” reunited during the Oscars 2016. When DiCaprio finally got his long overdue Best Actor award, Winslet couldn’t hold back her tears.

The 40 year old actress may have been happier than DiCaprio himself. Even though Winslet didn’t win the Oscars for Best Supporting Actress, her night ended on a high note as she cheered on for DiCaprio’s success. Winslet clasped her hands near her lips. Her eyes are wet with tears the whole time the actor was onstage for his acceptance speech. She watched on with adoration as DiCaprio reaped the award for his amazing performance in the film.

In January, before the Oscars 2016, Winslet predicted that DiCaprio will win his long-overdue Best Actor Award. Speaking with BBC during the London Critics Circle Film Awards, she said she would definitely be surprised if the actor does not get the award.

Winslet and DiCaprio’s friendship has history way beyond the 1997 blockbuster Titanic. Winslet and DiCaprio have been the most adorable BFFs ever since. They have been supporting each other. DiCaprio once stated that, “Kate is the best actress of her generation,” and Winslet in turn take every opportunity to tell DiCaprio she loves him. They met when he was just 22 and Winslet was just 21. In a 1997 interview with Entertainment Tonight, DiCaprio said of their reel love story: “She’s such a terrific person in general that our chemistry naturally happened on screen. We just like each other as people. As far as doing a love scene, though, we laughed about it a lot.”

DiCaprio was the people’s bet for the Best Actor award in Oscars 2016. He was first nominated back in 1994 for his character in the motion picture What’s Eating Gilbert Grape and again in 2005 for the film The Aviator; and one more time in 2007 for the political war thriller film, Blood Diamond.

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