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Oscars 2015 Predictions Cheat Sheet

Oscars 2015 Predictions Cheat Sheet
Neil Patrick Harris to Host the Oscars, from the Oscars commercial.


Oscars 2015 Predictions Cheat Sheet

Neil Patrick Harris Oscars 2015

Neil Patrick Harris to Host the Oscars, from the Oscars commercial.

The 87th Academy Awards will happen on Sunday, Feb. 22 and will be broadcasted live on ABC.

Morning News USA has compiled the best among many predictions around the Internet three days before the big day.


Peter Travers of Rolling Stone

Travers has his list of whom he thinks will win and whom he thinks should win. While he was vague as to why he had the two categories differentiated, he dropped hints. “Check out my take on who Will Win and Who Should Win in the whitest Oscar race in years,” he wrote.

For Best Director, he thinks Richard Linklater of “Boyhood” should win, but Alejandro Inarritu of “Birdman” will win.

Patricia Arquette of “Boyhood” should and will win Best Supporting actress. J.K Simmons of “Whiplash” should and will win Best Supporting Actor.

For the Best Actress category, Julianne Moore of “Still Alice” should and will win.

Eddie Redmayne of “The Theory of Everything” should win Best Actor, but Michael Keaton of “Birdman” will win.

“Boyhood” should win Best Picture because it is a classic, according to Travers. However, all signs of winning point to “Birdman,” Travers said.

Richard Coliss of Time

According to Coliss, the Oscars pool is known to honor a “socially relevant artistic triumph” over a “crowd pleaser of distinction.” With that, he thinks Arquette will win best Supporting Actress and Simmons for Best Supporting Actor.

Wes Anderson and Hugo Guinnes will win Best Original Screenplay for “The Grand Budapest Hotel.”

Best Director will go to Inarritu.

Moore will win Best Actress and Redmayne, Best Actor, Coliss predicts.

The title for Best Picture will go to “Birdman.”


According to online chatter picked up by Bing, “Birdman” has 37 percent chance of winning Best Picture and “Boyhood” has a 33 percent chance. Redmayne has 42 percent chance of winning Best Actor, while Michael Keaton is close behind at 32 percent.

Moore has 80 percent chance of bagging the Best Actress award, while Simmons has 70 percent chance of winning as Best Supporting Actor, according to Bing’s data.

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