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Oscar Selfie of Ellen DeGeneres Sets World Record in Twitter

Oscar Selfie of Ellen DeGeneres Sets World Record in Twitter


Oscar Selfie of Ellen DeGeneres Sets World Record in Twitter

Ellen DeGeneres got the time of her life when she hosted the recent Oscars. On Sunday (March 2) evening, she not only made the awards night more fun, she set world record across the social media. That was when she snapped a photo live at the event and posted it on Twitter.

Dubbed as ‘the best photo ever,’ Ellen’s selfie set a world record and overtook the one set by no less than US President Barack Obama. The selfie features a group of Hollywood A-listers, making it all the more interesting. Those present in the photo aside from Ellen were Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep, Channing Tatum, Julia Roberts, Kevin Spacey, Brad Pitt, Bradley Cooper, Angelina Jolie, and Lupita  Nyong’o with her brother.

Wonder who took the selfie? Ellen apparently asked Bradley to take the picture of them using a Samsung Galaxy Note 3. It was immediately posted on Ellen’s own Twitter account.

Instant hit

Not surprisingly, in less than one hour, the selfie had generated over 871,000 retweets and was a favorite of 210,000 followers. That instant, it exceeded the previous record holder, that of President Obama hugging his wife Michelle taken after he won re-election.

The President’s selfie was captioned ‘Four more years,’ and was obviously in reference to another term he won in the last elections. It was retweeted 777,000 times across the microblogging site.

In comparison, ‘the best photo ever’ has now generated over 2.7 million retweets across Twitter. More than 1.3 million Twitter users have already marked the selfie as among their favorites. Needless to say, that photo will continue to set world record as hours and days go by.

Most talked about in Twitter 

Overall, some 14.7 million tweets were posted in relation to the Oscars especially during the live event. ‘The best photo ever’ was also the most talked about in the Website with 254,644 retweets per minute. It was followed by talks about Ellen delivering Pizza to all the audience in the show, which took 158,159 tweets per minute.

Jennifer Lawrence, who again had a tripping incident, emerged as the most tweeted about Hollywood nominee during the evening. She was followed by Brad Pitt, Cate Blanchett, and Sandra Bullock. Meanwhile, the film ‘Gravity’ had the most mentions in all movies nominated in the Oscars this year, followed by ‘Frozen’ and ‘The Wolf of Wall Street,’ among others. 

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