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Oscar 2016 Prediction: Leonardo DiCaprio Will Win Finally After Golden Globe 2016

Oscar 2016 Prediction: Leonardo DiCaprio Will Win Finally After Golden Globe 2016
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Oscar 2016 Prediction: Leonardo DiCaprio Will Win Finally After Golden Globe 2016

Leonardo DiCaprio won as Best Actor at the recently held Golden Globe 2016 for his performance in the movie “The Revenant.” This upped the ante for the fans anticipating an Oscar win for the actor. Will 2016 be finally his year?

He had won two previous Golden Globe for “The Aviator” in 2005 and for “The Wolf of Wall Street” in 2014. He did not win the Oscar’s for those years and he remains one among the good actors who have yet to win the award.

But his win for the Golden Globe 2016 heightened anticipation that DiCaprio will finally win an Oscar this year. Stephanie Goodman of The New York Times noted that there was something extraordinary in the thunderous applause made when the actor received his award onstage. “Take note of the response in the room to Leo’s win. The Globes aren’t usually predictive of anything, but that applause comes from people who may well be Oscar votes,” she said.

Melena Ryzik noted of how DiCaprio’s speech was like a speech already made for an Oscar win. She described it as “the tryout for the Oscar speech.” She said that the actor has all the formula – tearing up, paying tribute to the director and the staff and crew and “the greater-than-myself message about indigenous people.”

In receiving his Best Actor award for the Golden Globe 2016, DiCaprio gave a heart-felt speech. “Two years ago we found ourselves submerged deep in nature with all of its complications and all of the beauty that it gave us cinematically. This film was about survival, bout the triumph of the human spirit, but more than anything it was about trust,” he said as quoted by Variety.

Dicaprio beat Will Smith for “Concussion,” Michael Fassbender for “Steve Jobs,” Eddie Redmayne for “The Danish Girl,” and Bryan Cranston for “Trumbo.” “The Revenant” on the other hand won two other awards at the Golden Globe 2016. The movie won the best Picture Category and Best Director for Alejandro Gonzales Iniarritu.

Oscar is on February 28, 2016.

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