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Oscar Morel Muslim Hate Crime: Donald Trump Sentiment To Blame For Murder Of Imam?

Oscar Morel Muslim Hate Crime: Donald Trump Sentiment To Blame For Murder Of Imam?
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Oscar Morel Muslim Hate Crime: Donald Trump Sentiment To Blame For Murder Of Imam?

Oscar Morel has become a trending topic over the past several days after he fatally shot a New York imam and his aid. But up to this point, the motive is still unknown though there are several theories about the crime.

The victims — imam Alauddin Akonjee and assistant Thara Miah — were gunned down following their religious activity at Queens Mosque in Ozone Park. Morel shot them in the back portion of the head on broad daylight.

Oscar Morel Murder Case – A Hate Crime?

While the motive is still unclear, most people who witnessed the incident said that is a possible case of hate crime. The murder is being linked to Donald Trump’s negative remarks against Muslims. One Muslim living in the area named Mosharraft Hossain said that they are worried about their safety in the United States.

Hossain claimed that they are being treated like terrorists because Trump’s sentiment. The US presidential candidate called for complete ban on Muslims in the United States. Since Trump uttered the controversial statement, Hossain said that they have been experiencing persecution.

“All of this hatred being propagated, especially by Donald Trump, it puts us at risk,” Hossain told New York Times. “People sometimes pass me on the street and call me Bin Laden. I just try to keep my head down and keep walking.”

Authorities are still trying to find clues to determine Oscar Morel’s real motives. The hate crime angle is still in consideration. However, authorities have yet to find evidences to prove that Morel attacked Akonjee and Miah because they are Muslims.

Oscar Morel, A Hitman?

Morel’s landlord, Amado Bautista, also told New York Daily News that he was shocked when he heard about the crime. He was also asked about the possible hate crime angle but pointed out that he sees Morel as a good man. He added that Morel never expressed hatred against Muslims in the United States.

Police are also considering the possibility that Morel is a hitman, who was hired to kill Akonjee and Miah. If it was indeed a hate crime, Morel might not be the one who was urged by Trump’s remark but the person who possibly paid him to commit the crime.

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