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‘Orphan Black’ Star Tatiana Maslany Thinks Body Shamers Are Crazy

‘Orphan Black’ Star Tatiana Maslany Thinks Body Shamers Are Crazy
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‘Orphan Black’ Star Tatiana Maslany Thinks Body Shamers Are Crazy

Following Wentworth Miller’s admission of how much he was hurt by a body-shaming meme showing his old photograph, “Orphan Black” star Tatiana Maslany blasted body shamers as well.

It can be recalled that the 43-year-old “Prison Break” star took to Facebook to share his feelings with regard the snap of him that was reportedly taken at a time when he was suffering depression, which caused him to gain weight.

“I’ve struggled with depression since childhood,” he said in his social media post, according to Entertainment Weekly. “It’s a battle that’s cost me time, opportunities, relationships, and a thousand sleepless nights.”

“In 2010, at the lowest point in my adult life, I was looking everywhere for relief/comfort/distraction,” he wrote.” And I turned to food.”

As with Tatiana Maslany, she told that body-shaming is “crazy” while emphasizing that “every single body is beautiful.”

“I will never understand that shame, and the reinforcement of that shame,” the 30-year-old “Orphan Black” actress stressed. “It’s crazy.”

The two-time Critics’ Choice Television Awards pointed out as well that she cannot fathom why a person’s body is another’s problem. “I’ll never understand that. I’ll never, never understand why people think it’s their business to comment on other people’s bodies.”

“I go to a spa in LA sometimes, a Korean day spa, and all the women there are nude,” she narrated. “And I’ve never felt so in love with the human form as when I’m walking around and seeing all those bodies, thinking, Oh my god, we’re all just built so differently.”

When asked to comment about Kim Kardashian and Emily Ratajkowski posing nude, the “Orphan Black” protagonist stated that sexuality is “so much more complex than our boobs. “

The nude photos of both celebrities fueled controversy pushing Ratajkowski to elucidate that it does not give anyone the right to go into slut-shaming.”

My sexuality isn’t me as an object to be looked at,” Tatiana Maslany explained. “It’s the way I say ‘hello’ to somebody, the way I sit with somebody.”

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