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Orlando Bloom Nude Photos: PR Stunt For Katy Perry’s “Rise” Music Video – Report

Orlando Bloom Nude Photos: PR Stunt For Katy Perry’s “Rise” Music Video – Report
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Orlando Bloom Nude Photos: PR Stunt For Katy Perry’s “Rise” Music Video – Report

It cannot be a coincidence that the people are suddenly making Orlando Bloom jokes at the same time as Katy Perry’s “Rise” music video was supposed to come out. Were Orlando Bloom’s nude pictures all just a clever promotional strategy?

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom, the second pair to have a thoroughly publicized whirlwind romance, after Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston, were seen vacationing together in Italy. However, instead of writing about how lovey-dovey they look together, paparazzi instead chose to focus on a specific part of Orlando’s body.

Never the one to shy away from showing some flesh, Orlando Bloom stripped down to his birthday suit as he rested on a paddleboard, beside a thoroughly comfortable Katy, who was wearing a bikini herself.

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Orlando Bloom #Rise Jokes

As soon as the nude photos hot the internet, social media, especially Twitter blew up with jokes about Orlando Bloom’s private parts and how well it coincided with Katy Perry’s “Rise” music video launch!

“Now I know why Katy Perry called her new song ‘Rise’,” wrote a user, reports E! while another wrote, “Who knew that @katyperry ‘s new song #RISE had an ulterior meaning behind the song #orlandobloom”.

This raised the question in the minds of many – Was Orlando Bloom’s naked pictures a carefully planned strategy to promote Katy Perry’s single, “Rise”?

While Katy has never been known to use promotional tactics like this before, they have certainly worked for many of Katy’s rivals (read: Taylor Swift), who deliberately build up a hype with an unrelated issue just to increase album sales.

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Katy Perry “Rise” Music Video

Even though there is no evidence, if the Orlando Bloom nude pictures were all part of a PR stunt, one has to say that it has worked out great for Katy!

In fact, the rumor is that the Katy’s “Rise” music video might have broken the views counter on YouTube since it’s stuck on 469,493 views and it’s not even been 24 hours since it released!

Katy Perry’s “Rise” is an inspirational video about overcoming hurdles in life through determination and perseverance and rising above towards eventual success. Katy is seen trying to drag a pink parachute out of an old hanger and through rugged topography and water, as it refuses to budge, reports The Rolling Stone.

The song has also been selected to be the theme song for Rio’s Olympics 2016.

Watch Katy Perry’s “Rise” below!

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