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Orange Reveals $40USD Rise 31 Phone; Deals With Google

Orange Reveals $40USD Rise 31 Phone; Deals With Google
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Orange Reveals $40USD Rise 31 Phone; Deals With Google

Another smartphone has joined the foray; This time though coming from French Telecom company, Orange. The said telecom firm has also signed a partnership deal with tech giant Google to bring local internet service. The latest handset is called the Orange Rise 31.

Orange Rise 31, according to CNBC, comes with text, minutes and data for the Middle East and Africa. It comes with a 4-inch screen. It will be running on an Android OS however it is not clear what version it would be. The 3G device also comes with a 3 megapixel camera.

Educational content will come pre-loaded with each unit and it will be in local languages. The French telecom’s deal with the search engine firm allows the later to provide services like “Maps” which are tailored to the market to allow people to find the nearest health clinic or nearest bakery and so on.

The handset also comes with a bundle of text messages, 500MB of data every month and minute for an average of three months. After that time period, consumers will have to top up their payments, for how much is also not revealed but might be cleared in the coming days.

The release of the Orange Rise 31 mobile device is said to be an attempt by the French company to boost its presence in the emerging markets in Middle East and Africa. It was observed in the past year that the revenues the company got from the said regions increased by 5.1 percent which could also account to about 12% of the firm’s overall revenue.

The French Telecom also said that it had about 110 million mobile customers within the region and has additional 4.4 million last year. Based on recent happenings, according to IDC it was reported that smartphone shipments as grown to around 50%. But it is speculated that the number of feature phones users will decline. This it seems is the opportunity that the company is hoping to get.

Orange Executive VP of Connected Objects and Partnerships Yves Maitre commented that if one looks now at the population, 45% of the devices that were being sold across the MEA region were smartphones, so 55% of the population still uses feature phones.

Maitre also adds that “The last 55 percent is illiterate and we have to give them something intuitive in local languages with tutorials to get them using the internet.” But one might ask if the French company increases its popularity, what does Google get from the partnership?

For the tech giant, the latest deal will allow it to also spread its services to the consumer base in the region. Like most internet giants, it is also always looking for ways to reach the potential consumers in emerging markets.

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