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Orange Park High School Evacuated Due To A Bomb Threat

Orange Park High School Evacuated Due To A Bomb Threat
Picture from Orange Park High School/Orange Park High School Website


Orange Park High School Evacuated Due To A Bomb Threat

Orange Park High School received a bomb threat. Are the kids safe?

Classes at the Orange Park High School in Florida have been cancelled for the day after the school received a bomb threat.

According to the Orange Park High School, it had actually received a “direct bomb threat” early in the morning and had proceeded to make an official parent notification call to advise parents that classes have been cancelled. Students who were already en route to the school via school bus were taken to Orange Park Junior High instead. Meanwhile, those who have already arrived to school were asked to stay in Lowe’s parking lot and later transported to Orange Park Junior High as well.

Earlier, the Clay County Sheriff’s Office said that its deputies were investigating the bomb threat and that they hadn’t found a suspicious package or devices in the campus so far. A complete sweep of the campus was estimated to take between two to three hours. K-9 units from the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office were also deployed to Orange Park High School. Later on, the Sheriff’s Office had clarified that the bomb threat was actually sent to a school administrator via email.

Later on, Orange Park High School put out an announcement, stating that the Clay County Sheriffs Office has declared that the campus is now “clear and safe.” School will resume on December 9, Wednesday.

Moreover, the school also says that it will take the “necessary legal action” against the person who made the threat. It is unclear whether they know the identity of the responsible individual. The sheriff’s office has also said they are tracing the origin of the emailed bomb threat, which can then help identify suspects.

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