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Orange Is The New Black: Taylor Schilling Hurt During Shooting Of Sex Scene

Orange Is The New Black: Taylor Schilling Hurt During Shooting Of Sex Scene
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Orange Is The New Black: Taylor Schilling Hurt During Shooting Of Sex Scene

Latest news from “Orange is the New Black:” Taylor Schilling, main star of the series playing the role of Piper Chapman, revealed that she hurt herself on the set while filming an intimate scene for the Netflix series.

The 3rd season of the American comedy drama series “Orange Is the New Black” premiered on Netflix on June 11, 2015. Like the previous two seasons this one also includes 13 episodes and keeps the viewers glued.

OITNB has also been renewed for a fourth season which will be released in 2016. However, no exact date has been revealed yet, but we expect to catch it by the June-July next year.

In her interview on “Orange Is The New Black” on “Late Night with Seth Meyers,” Schilling revealed that she got excited while shooting for a sex scene; she took off her shirt and mistakenly scratched herself with her nametag, which cut her face and resulted in blood loss. The whole team had to pause the shooting for a whole hour to get Schilling back to normal.

On the same interview, she also talked about her experience shooting sex scenes. She admitted that though she is now used to doing it, at times, she feels weird, particularly when there is a whole crew watching. In the past, the “Overnight” star had opened up about shooting nude scenes, saying it was “frightening.”

On another interview with Simon Button from Express the star discussed more on the series and her personal life. When asked if she ever committed a crime in real life just like her character in the series, she looked bewildered and admitted she has no idea about what answer she should give for the question. However, she continued by admitting a law violation charged against her and said it was nothing serious or major.

On being asked if she in real life will really enjoy life in prison, she replied that she will not enjoy it but will somehow survive it. She also added that she actually like playing the role in the series and enjoys her work.

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