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‘Orange is the New Black’ Author Believes Imprisonment Is Not Solution To Crime

‘Orange is the New Black’ Author Believes Imprisonment Is Not Solution To Crime


‘Orange is the New Black’ Author Believes Imprisonment Is Not Solution To Crime

Piper Kerman, author of “Orange is the New Black” who was jailed for a year for drug trafficking, testified before Congress about prison reform with a sensible, logical and powerful message.

Here is what the author had to say

“One of the things that was so striking to me the very first day that I spent in prison was that so many of the women that I was incarcerated with who I would spend a great deal of time with were serving much harsher sentences than I was,” she said.

Piper feels that jail sentence is in no ways helping in reducing the number of crimes in the United States, and hence the system should look for another, more effective solution.

While addressing the Senate Homeland Security Committee, Kerman said, “If any member of this committee had the opportunity to meet the hundreds of women that I did time with, you would probably walk away from getting to know those women with a deep feeling that their confinement in a prison cell was just a colossal waste, and not an appropriate way in intervening in the things that put them in the criminal justice system.”

The author feels that behind bars is not where you learn about your wrongdoings and letting her be of service to families who have been suffering due to drugs would have been a better punishment.

Is Prison Really A Solution?

This is something the government should seriously think about. To put a full stop to crime, criminal mentality needs to be changed. What do they learn in jail in the company of other criminals? Most of the time, they just grow more weird and do not come out with the realization that they have been guilty. For Piper, it is time that government starts taking steps toward working with criminals to stop crime.

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