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Optus Is Not Rebranding To ‘Yes’

Optus Is Not Rebranding To ‘Yes’
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Optus Is Not Rebranding To ‘Yes’

For a while, the rumor mill was rife with speculations that Optus would opt for rebranding its products to “Yes”. However, Australia’s second-largest phone and internet provider recently confirmed that there won’t be any changes in their brand name.

In the past few weeks, Singtel-owned Optus sparked rumors when it conducted market analysis and focus testing to find out how the ‘Yes’ tagline would work if it was adopted as an official name. An attempt was made to promote a number of products with Yes-related trademarks in the past 12 months. These products include Yes TV, Wi-Fi Talk Yes and Yes Crowd.

Optus was planning a massive re-branding endeavor in the coming months using the ‘Yes’ tagline in order to promote its English Premier League broadcast rights. Nonetheless, an Optus spokeswoman confirmed with ZDNet, “We’re not changing our brand and we’re not changing our name,” ruling out the possibility of ‘Yes’ re-branding, reports

According to Optus chairman Paul O’Sullivan, the telco decided to “reposition” as a multimedia company after acquiring Australian broadcast rights to the English Premier League last week. Optus, is by far, the best entertainment telco company grossing the most-watched football league worldwide over TV provider Foxtels’s Fox Sports.

In the past, there were reports from The Australian, saying the company would deduct 1000 jobs to help fund the EPL broadcast deal. However, later it conceded that there won’t be any job reduction, but new changes would be implemented to re-organize the company.

There is still no report on how Optus plans to broadcast the Premier League, but analyst firm Ovum predicted that the company will bundle the access with its telco services. Ovum added, “It has been claimed that the costs of acquisition were around double the previous contract. Even if Optus strikes a deal with a traditional broadcaster to broadcast some games, most will be carried across the broadband network, and this kind of service will increasingly tax the Australian broadband infrastructure,” reports ZDNet.

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