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Oppo R7 Or Apple iPhone? Which One Is A Better Buy?

Oppo R7 Or Apple iPhone? Which One Is A Better Buy?


Oppo R7 Or Apple iPhone? Which One Is A Better Buy?

We cannot deny that Apple has a loyal fanbase, and it’s not going anywhere – at least not for a few decades. Brands have been trying to imitate and beat the iPhone since a very long time, but all attempts have been unsuccessful.

Oppo R7 too has tried to be another iPhone and improve the figures on its sales chart.

Has it been a successful attempt?

Oppo has tried reaching out to customers who want to go for the iPhone but cannot afford it. So, we say that the brand has been successful in giving out a cheaper version of the iPhone. Cheap means compromise! And yes, Oppo has compromised on features and hence failed to beat the Pioneer of the Smartphone industry – the Apple iPhone!

Near Field Communication chip, connectivity to 5 Gigahertz Wi-Fi network, and playing of Ultra High Definition Video are the key features that this brand has kept away from its smartphone.

If these features are being skipped, then what does Oppo R7 has to offer its buyers? Here is a list of the phone’s specifications:

– 5-inch display

– Full HD

– Resolution: 1080 x 1920

– Readable displays outdoor

– Dual Sim – Micro and Nano Sim

– 8-core Snapdragon 615 processor

– Long-lasting Battery

– 13-megapixel camera

– Operating System: Android Lollipop 5.11

Considering its price, look and a great list of features, if we stop comparing this Android smartphone with Apple, Oppo R7 can be a great phone to invest in. In today’s smartphone-addicted world, we need a long-lasting battery with a quick-charging capacity, and this is exactly what Oppo’s R7 stands out for. Charging for just a few minutes can actually spike your drained battery. Just because it has quick charge doesn’t mean it will drain that fast.

The verdict is – both smartphones have their own pros and cons, just like every other gadgets. If you are not an iPhone fan or want to save a few pennies, then the Oppo R7 is definitely worth a buy!

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