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Opera Rolls Out Data Compression ‘Max’ App for Android

Opera Rolls Out Data Compression ‘Max’ App for Android


Opera Rolls Out Data Compression ‘Max’ App for Android

Web browser Opera was present at the Mobile World Congress on Monday, February 24. It unveiled a new data compression application dubbed as ‘Opera Max.’ the new app is exclusive, for the time being, to Android devices.

Opera announced that the app would roll out on a first-come, first-served basis. It would prioritize users who would first pre-register. This is because Opera Max is still in beta. The browsing service said it would directly notify those pre-registered users once their handsets become ready for the app.

Efficient use of data 

In a blog post, Sergey Lossev, Opera’s product manager gave more details about how the new app works. To begin with, Opera Max promises to bring more data so that value for money would be ensured. The use of the new app could translate to savings of up to 50%.

How will it do that? Opera Max could effectively compress videos, texts, and photos across all other applications. It would then facilitate mobile data with no added cost. The new app would also provide more control over how the smartphones’ apps usually use data.

For instance, a consumer who pays $50 per month for a 1GB data plan could possibly consume up to 1.5GB of data for a month. Opera Max could make it possible for the smartphone user to do exactly that at exactly the same cost.

What’s more? Opera Max promises faster loading time and more efficient viewing. It could eliminate buffering when watching videos on popular sites like Vine, YouTube, and many other online streaming apps.

Pre-registration for the service

Consumers in the US and in Europe could start pre-registration for the service on the Opera online site. The full version of the new app would be unlocked soon as the servers get more able to handle the load. Opera Max would require android Ice Cream Sandwich OS and later.

Asked if Opera Max would eventually be available in other systems, Opera disclosed that it is currently working on the iOS version of the app. But it assured that at the moment, it is still busy making sure that Opera Max would be great. Hence, the company is starting and focusing on just one platform at the time being.

Opera Max can now be downloaded at Google Play store. As expected, it would be available without any cost.  

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