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Opera Launches new Web browser ‘Coast’ for iPad

Opera Launches new Web browser ‘Coast’ for iPad


Opera Launches new Web browser ‘Coast’ for iPad

Opera Launches CoastOpera has rolled out the special version of its browser specifically for Apple Inc’s iPad. The ‘alternative Web browser’ claims that it has finally discovered how to best bring its Opera browser to tablet PCs. Thus, it launched its iPad browser called ‘Coast.’

In a statement, Opera reiterated that ‘Coast’ is not another tweaked version of a browser for mobile use. It assured that the new browser is something new as it is not a scaled-down version of a typical PC browser. It described ‘Coast’ as elegant, refined, and intuitive, making it a perfect tool for iPad users.

‘Coast’ is aimed at liberating users from the typical experiences in the use of PC and mobile phone browsers. That is why Opera made sure it would be designed differently. Thus, iPad users would notice that ‘Coast’ does not look and feel outdated. Opera assured that it has taken this task seriously because browsers are its business.

Eliminated traditional features

To set it different, Opera said it eliminated the ‘back’ and ‘forward’ icons or buttons on ‘Coast.’ It also disposed other common commands that usually line up at the top portion of the typical Web browsing screen. It even trashed the URL field to make the new mobile browser different.

Opera argued that iPad is practically lacking buttons so the apps running on it should not feature those. Thus, users should just swipe when using ‘Coast.’ But it would not be totally buttonless. There would be a button to go to the home screen. Another would take users to the previously visited Websites in the tablet.

There would be no other button after those. Opera said this design is about making the browser uncluttered and more interesting. This would also set it different from other mobile browsers operating on iPad.

Security features

The security features would be handled in the browser’s background. ‘Coast’ would also feature noticeable warnings, which would appear once a suspicious Website is accessed. There would be extensive information or recommendations about online site’s security reputation.

Before ‘Coast’ Opera already has Opera Mini 7 for iPad. However, according to analysts, that mobile browser is not actually a browser. To them, the Opera Mini 7 is actually a proxy browser, which loads Web pages and compresses those at its servers. Users get to access lower quality and static versions of the sites on their iPads. It is not clear if ‘Coast’ is the same in that way.

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