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Open Table Starts Mobile Payment at Restaurants

Open Table Starts Mobile Payment at Restaurants


Open Table Starts Mobile Payment at Restaurants

Open table is well known for its previous venture which allowed diners to reserve their places in a restaurant. The venture was very successful and resulted in the company’s recognition. Now the company wants to make a similar move by letting customers pay bills by their mobile phones instead of writing a pay check or producing a card. It seems to be a very promising move by the company and this just shows what can be done in the name of creativity.

The program is still in the pilot stage with only a limited group of diners in San Francisco being able to enjoy the services, but with seemingly increased interest and positive response by the limited users, the company intends to send out more invites to the people to join their app family. When sufficient data has been collected, the company will go public with this idea. The CEO of Open table, Mathew Roberts also claimed in an interview that the payment process will be streamlined as well as straightforward with the tap of a button being the only thing in the way of the payment of the bill. Even tips can be adjusted in the bill and given out and thus no opening of wallets is required at all. The diner will also be able to review the bill. He also claims that there will be no scanning of bar codes or anything geeky at all. The company will also not take a transaction fee from the customers for using the app while the restaurant will be charged with the normal transaction fee of a credit card transaction.

The simple and effective techniques adopted by the Open Table developers will surely go a long way in helping them out. The customers are well taken care of and the fact that they don’t have to pay anything for the app or see any annoying ads will help them in the general liking of the app. Open table is by no means a small player in this world with over 28000 restaurants around the world which are using its apps. It also paid a hefty sum of 11 million quid to buy JustChalo which was working on online payments.

But one thing has to sure and that is to be cautious with the mobile payments because at one point they might face difficulty integrating technology into dining. But in this business they do have a head start to solve all the problems.

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